The Nightfall Radar dashboard is the landing page where users can initiate and review scans of their GitHub repos. From this main page, users also have access to various features and settings that enable collaboration between team members.

Workflows - The Workflows page is your hub for bulk and automated repository scanning. Read more here.

API Docs - The API Docs page provides all the information you need to interact programmatically with the Radar API. Read more here.

Settings - The Settings page is where you will find your account information, including your API key, and where you can manage notification and organization preferences. Read more here.

Org/My Scans - In the upper-righthand corner you can find counts of the number of scans run by both your organization and by your individual user account.

GitHub Repo URL - Scans can be initiated on a single repository by entering its URL here. You can read more about initiating single repository scans here.

Scan All by Workflow - Scans can be initiated at the organization level by Workflow. You can read more about initiating organization scans here.

View / Manage your scans

The bulk of your dashboard page is dedicated to reflecting your scan history.

Each item reflects the time and date the scan was performed, the URL of the GitHub repository, the current status of that scan, and the number of sensitive findings detected.

Scans are ordered chronologically by default with the most recent scans first. You may also filter out scans with no results, or order the scans by number of results by interacting with the buttons in the upper right of the Scans section. To return to the original chronological view, you must hit the Reset button on the righthand side.

Scans are also denoted by the method in which they were run. Scans that were run by a workflow will have a 'play' symbol next to the 'Completed' status, while individual scans will have a 'person' symbol, as seen below:

Clicking the 'Info' button for any scan will display its unique Scan ID. If the scan was part of a Workflow, the Workflow and Run ID will also be included.


Now that you've familiarized yourself with the Radar dashboard, you're ready to kick off your first scan. As a reminder, you have the option to scan based on individual repository URLs, or by your entire organization's repositories via Workflows.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email support@nightfall.ai.

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