Exporting Reports & Results
Guide to export reports & results from the Nightfall dashboard or via API.
There are a number of ways to export results & reports of Nightfall scan results and violations.

This will allow you to export a CSV report of all results in Workflow Run, meaning all violations found in a GitHub organization that was a scanned across all historical commits.
Step 1. Navigate to the Radar Workflows tab: https://radar.nightfall.ai/workflows
Step 2: Select "Runs" on the Workflow for the GitHub organization
Step 3. Select "Export CSV" for the latest Run
Step 4. Filter in Excel or a tool of choice for the repos of interest

You can trigger scans, retrieve scans, and more via the Radar API. Here are the relevant endpoints.
Step 1. Start a scan.
Review the full Radar API Reference here:

Sending scan results or violations to a webhook endpoint allows you to automatically send them to any webhook for post-processing, such as a lambda function, or directly into a SIEM or SOAR.
In Radar, configure your webhook endpoint in your Settings here.
In Nightfall Console, configure a webhook endpoint in your Settings here.
Note: You can use webhook.site to test the webhooks generated by violations from Nightfall before integrating into your production or higher level environments.
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