Granting Radar Access to your GitHub Organizations

To ensure you can scan private repos, you may need to grant Radar access to your GitHub organization.
If you are not an organization owner, then you may need to request approval for the Radar app to have access to your GitHub organization after authorizing access in your personal account. You can read more in this GitHub article or follow along below. If you are scanning private repos that are either hanging in a Running state, or they are failing, this could be the cause.
1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click your profile photo, then click Settings.
Settings icon in the user bar
2. In the left sidebar, click Applications.
Applications tab
3. Click the Authorized OAuth Apps tab.
Authorized OAuth Apps tab
4. In the list of applications, click the name of the Nightfall AI app.
5. Next to the organization you'd like Nightfall Radar to access, click Request access.
Request access button
6. After you review the information about requesting OAuth App access, click Request approval from owners.
Request approval button