Scanning a GitHub Organization
The Workflows feature allows you to manage scheduled or on-demand scans of your organization's GitHub repos, and can be accessed from the main Radar Dashboard.
NOTE: You will need to create or join a Radar organization, by contacting [email protected], before you can use the Workflows feature.

Creating a Workflow

To start scanning your organization's repos, select the '+ New Workflow' button in the upper-righthand corner of the Workflows page.
After kicking off a new Workflow, you will be prompted to select the organization, the cadence, and additional criteria for your scan.
Your cadence options are:
  • Now - This will serve as a one-time scan and future scans of the same organization will necessitate a new Workflow be created.
  • Daily - This will run every day at 12:00am UTC.
  • Weekly - This will run weekly on the day you specify.
  • Monthly - This will run monthly on the date you specify. NOTE: If you select the 31st for monthly scans, no scans will run on months with fewer than 31 days.
Additional criteria include whether to enable scanning of archived repos or repos that have been forked from another source. Both are turned off by default.

View Workflow Runs

Once you've created your Workflow, it will be listed in main Workflows page with the following information: the Workflow ID and creator, the organization it scans, the last updated date, the scheduled cadence, and the number of times it has run.
You can view more information about specific runs of the Workflow and their status by selecting the 'View Runs' option on the right side of the page.
Here you can also export a CSV of the detailed scan results and download to your local machine.
If you would like to view the results of individual repos in any particular Workflow, you can view them from the main dashboard. Scans that were a part of a Workflow will be denoted by a 'Play' icon.
Through automated scanning, Workflows help accelerate your DLP efforts by saving you time and enabling you to constantly be aware of changes in your numerous repositories.