What are the coverage differences between Nightfall for Slack Pro vs Enterprise?
Explore the coverage differences between Slack Pro and Slack Enterprise in the new Nightfall for Slack integration
New features in Nightfall Pro for Slack:
  • Apply policies based on channel type (public vs. private).
  • Select between public vs private channels for both Internal vs Connect channels as well.
New features in Nightfall Enterprise for Slack:
  • Apply policies based on message or channel type (public channel vs. private channel vs. direct messages). You can select between public vs private channels vs Direct messages within Internal and Connect channels as well.
  • Apply policies to all Workspaces or select specific Workspaces.
  • Apply policies to all Channels or select specific Channels.
  • Exclude specific channels.
More context in end user alerts. The end user alert now shows which detector was triggered, to improve insight and education for the end user.
Updated the Slack integration UI for consistency. Instead of three separate sections in the left navigation pane (Settings, Workflows, Analytics), there is now just one section for Slack. When you navigate to that section, you’ll find one page with separate tabs to manage Settings and Policies.
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