Nightfall for Confluence - Real time Scanning
See how Nightfall is now able to scan your Confluence environment in real time - similar to our other integrations.
Note: This is a Beta Release - Once released in GA, this will be updated to reflect accordingly. If you are interested in Confluence real-time scanning, please reach out to your Nightfall Customer Success Manager, or reach out to [email protected]
We are excited to announce that we are now able to scan real-time events in your Confluence environment! This will allow you to scan all changes in Confluence in real-time and alert on any violations immediately. Security teams can now enforce data protection policies on an ongoing basis and remediate violations as soon as they happen.
Also, the User Interface for Confluence has changed as well - instead of two separate sections in the left navigation pane (Policies, Scans), there is now just one section for Confluence.
This brings added consistency to the interface - matching the other integrations well.
Example Nightfall console with Real Time Confluence scanning enabled
For more information on working with Confluence Real-time scanning, please refer to the article below:
Note: - this release does not include remediation. But, worry not, for remediation is coming next!
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