Nightfall for Jira - Real Time Scanning
Real time scanning is now being offered by Nightfall for Jira, in Private Beta. GA release is currently expected for the end of November.
This new release includes the following functionality:

Real-time scanning

The Nightfall for Jira integration scans all changes in Jira, in real-time, and alerts on any violations immediately. This will allow for Security teams to enforce data protection policies on an ongoing basis and remediate violations as soon as they happen!
Also, with our new and updated User Interface, you can now set up Jira policies yourself in a UI that is consistent with our other integrations.

Policy Flexibility

You can now scan different areas of Jira for different types of content, based on Jira Project. What constitutes a “violation” may differ from one area of Jira to another.
For example, your organization may be okay with sharing PII in a private HR project, but not in projects that are shared across the company. Without policy flexibility, you are forced to take more of an “all or nothing” approach - even if there is only one place where PII is not okay, you’ll get alerts when it appears anywhere. This leads to noise / alerts for data occurrences you don’t really care about. With policy flexibility, alerts are targeted to the violations that truly matter.
The screenshot above shows the scoping options for Jira real-time policies. You can choose All Projects by default, or choose specific Projects by their Project Key.

Multiple detection rules per policy

You can now combine multiple detection rules into one policy, and apply that policy within Jira. This will be a more intuitive way to set up Nightfall, especially if you are using multiple integrations. You can set up general detection rules based on compliance or risk mitigation needs. As your use of the integration expands, this can be fine-tuned to your organization's specific security needs.


Users can configure alerts via Slack, webhook and/or email. You can receive alerts in the tools that you are already using!
If you manage security workflow in a tool other than Slack, you will be able to send alerts there through an email or webhook integration. Webhook alerts also enable you to funnel Nightfall alerts to a SIEM, which enables logging for compliance purposes.
This example alerting section above displays a Slack Channel named #nf-jira-alerts, where alerts will be seen.
For more information on how to get started with using Real Time scanning for Jira, please reach out to either your Customer Success Manager, or to [email protected]
Note: This release does not include remediation. But do not worry, because Remediation is coming next!