Nightfall for Jira - Remediation
See how Nightfall is now able to remediate sensitive items in your Jira environment.
Nightfall is now able to take remediation actions in your Jira environment! This feaure is currently in Beta Release - and once released in GA, it will be updated here. If you are using the Jira integration, and are interested in Remediation, please reach out to your Nightfall Customer Success Manager, or to [email protected]
You can now take Manual or Automated actions, directly from the Jira alerts that are created (via Slack or Email)
Actions Available:
  1. 1.
    Notify file owner
  2. 2.
    Redact sensitive findings
  3. 3.
    Delete attachment
Nightfall Alert for Jira, including Remediation Action Options
Automated Actions for Jira, to be taken from the Console
For more information on this feature, please reference the page below:
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