How does Nightfall make my organization more secure?

With the proliferation of cloud SaaS and data infrastructure, sensitive data sprays across more and more third-party services like Slack, GitHub, and AWS at an alarming rate. It’s a major challenge to see what data is in these silos and is being transmitted across them in real-time. Moreover, data is increasingly complex & unstructured and is created at an unprecedented rate, making it impossible to consistently tag and keep track of. All of this data can be subject to security risks, in the form of data filtration or leakage outside your organization, resulting in a breach. Likewise, you may be subject to compliance regimes that dictate your use & protection of customer data, such as HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and PCI-DSS.

Nightfall is a data loss prevention platform that alleviates these burdens by automatically discovering & classifying sensitive data, giving you visibility into your cloud apps, and giving you the ability to respond & remediate instances of data sharing or data loss that represent security or compliance risks to your business. With these controls in place, you’ll have greater visibility into how sensitive data is stored, managed, shared, processed, and protected within your organization, and reduce the likelihood that this data is compromised by malicious or inadvertent activity.

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