How does Nightfall yield time savings for my team?

Nightfall saves time by automating data detection, classification, and remediation. First, Nightfall installs in minutes, so you won’t need IT resources or time spent worrying about agents or software to install, patch, manage, and update. Second, classification is automatic and highly accurate, so you’ll eliminate time spent tagging data manually, and reduce time spent reviewing false positives and grappling with alert fatigue. Third, with Nightfall you can set up automatic workflows to take action on sensitive data proactively, which means you’ll reduce time spent manually responding to alerts and reduce mean time to resolution.

In the case of our Slack product, the Nightfall bot lives directly in the Slack workspace, which means administrators don’t have to context-switch between apps, and employees can receive descriptive notifications directly in Slack in real-time, rather than via email, meaning less time finding workarounds.

As a result, you’ll see measurable time savings and productivity improvements that give your team the leverage to focus on other security & compliance challenges.

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