Google Workspace Directory Service

This document explains the process of adding your Google Workspace tenant to Nightfall to enable Directory Sync. To get an overview of the Directory Sync feature in Nightfall, you can read this article and then proceed with this document.

To install Google Directory:

  1. Click the Settings button in Nightfall.

  1. Click the Directory Sync tab.

  1. Click Add directory.

  1. Select Google Workspace as the identity provider.

  1. Copy the Client ID and OAuth Scope ID. Store these values in a secure place. You require them in the further steps.

  1. Login to your Google Workspace with an admin account.

  2. Click the menu icon.

  3. Select Admin.

  1. In the Admin console left pane, expand Security and then expand Access and data control.

  2. Click API controls.

  1. Click MANAGE DOMAIN WIDE DELEGATION under Domain wide delegation.

  1. Click Add New.

  1. Paste the Client ID copied from the Nightfall app, in the Client ID field.

  2. Paste the Scopes ID copied from the Nightfall app, under OAuth Scope field. Use comma to add multiple scope IDs.

  3. Click AUTHORIZE.

  1. Return to the Nightfall app and click Continue.

  1. Click Connect.

Once the setup is completed, Nightfall displays the list of active and inactive users in your Google Workspace. Nightfall syncs with your Identity and Access Provider every four hours. Also, you can manually sync once every hour. To sync data manually, click the ellipsis menu and select Refresh.

Currently, once registered you cannot unregister an Identity and Access Provider from Nightfall. If you do wish to unregister you Identity and Access Provider, please contact Nightfall support.

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