While using Nightfall's Scan API, you may encounter some of the common errors outlined below. Try following the provided troubleshooting steps.

If problems persist, please contact Nightfall Support for further assistance.

HTTP Error Codes

The following error codes are returned as part of a standard HTTP response.

HTTP Error CodeDescriptionTroubleshooting


Bad Request

This error most often occurs when there is something syntactically incorrect in the body of your request. Check your request format and try again. For example, this error could occur if the request body size is greater than 500 KB, or if the number of items to scan in the payload exceeds 50,000.



You may be using an incorrect API key or calling the wrong endpoint.


Unprocessable Entity

You may be using an invalid or unrecognized detector set. You may also have exceeded the maximum allowable payload size; try spreading your payload across multiple requests.


Too Many Requests or Quota Exceeded

Either your monthly request limit has been exceeded, or you have exceeded the allowed rate limit. Consider upgrading to a higher volume plan, or wait several moments to retry the requests.


Internal Server Error

Wait a few moments and try again. If the problem persists, Nightfall may be experiencing an outage.

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