Filtering Violations

Filter violations based on parameters.

You can filter violations based on several parameters, to view violations that occurred:

  • During specific time periods. You can filter based on pre-set time ranges of last 7 days, 30 days, 90 days and 180 days,

  • Integration - the application that is being monitored by Nightfall.

  • Detector - the detector that you selected as part of your policies to monitor.

  • Likelihood - the confidence level of the detection by Nightfall.

  • Status - the current current status of the violation

  • User - the user associated to the violation

To filter violations,

  1. Select a Filter.

  2. Select an Option. You can select one or many options.

  3. Click Apply. The filtered list of violations displays.

Note: Nightfall offers additional monitoring capabilities to meet various monitoring needs. You can learn more about using email, Slack and other monitoring options using our supported alerts destinations including alerting to http endpoints using webhook alerts.

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