Installing Nightfall for Gmail

This document explains the process of installing the Nightfall for Gmail. Nightfall for Gmail allows you to scan all outgoing emails for sensitive data. Nightfall for Gmail can scan both, email body and attachments.


This feature is currently in early preview. Please reach out to your Nightfall CSM to enable it in your account.


  • You must have a Google Workspace account.

  • You must have administrator access to the above Google Workspace account.


When Nightfall detects emails with sensitive data, it can either Block or Quarantine the email, based on the settings configured in the Gmail policy. To enable Nightfall to perform these actions (Block, Quarantine), you must set up compliance rules in Google Workspace.

Once you set up the compliance rules, you must then whitelist Nightfall IP addresses to receive emails from Nightfall.

The following documents explain the installation process in detail.

Configure Compliance Rules

Whitelist Nightfall IP Addresses

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