Nightfall for Gmail

Nightfall for Gmail allows you to scan all outgoing emails for sensitive data. If sensitive data is found, Nightfall allows you to set automatic actions which include blocking the email and deleting the attachment which contains sensitive data.

The generic workflow of Gmail DLP is depicted in the following image.

  • The end-user uses either a Web email client, a Desktop email client, or a Mobile client to draft and send the email from your domain.

  • The Email reaches the Google email server and is routed towards the Nightfall cloud.

  • The Nightfall cloud uses DLP service to scan the email based on the policies created.

  • The DLP service sends the email back to the Nightfall cloud after attaching appropriate headers.

  • The Nightfall cloud forwards the email to the Google email server which takes appropriate actions like blocking the email, quarantining the email, or monitoring the email, based on the information contained in the header.

  • The Gmail email server finally routes the email to the intended recipient.

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