How Nightfall Works

Nightfall is:

  • Agentless. Nightfall isn't deployed as software that requires installation, rather it integrates with the applications we secure through APIs. This makes deployment easy and updates to our platform effortless, without getting end-users or IT involved.

  • API driven. Central to Nightfall is the API driven nature of our platform. Connecting with cloud platforms via API means that visibility and security policies immediately apply at the application layer. Nightfall can derive platform-specific context & metadata, as well as provide granular, platform-specific actions, versus broad-brush blocking on the network.

  • Agnostic. Nightfall is platform, endpoint, and network agnostic in that we’re capable of integrating with cloud platforms quickly and can provide single pane of glass visibility across multiple cloud apps simultaneously. Via our Developer platform, you can also provide coverage for applications we don't natively integrate with, including your own custom apps be they cloud-based or on-prem.

  • Automated. Nightfall doesn't just provide visibility into the cloud, but helps automate policies whenever possible. The sheer volume of data that moves through cloud systems combined with the always-on nature of cloud applications means that incidents can happen at any time and will require immediate remediation. Automation ensures that security teams can respond to these as quickly as possible.

  • Accurate. Finally, in order to help security teams process the massive amounts of data in the cloud, cloud-native DLP must be accurate. The accuracy of Nightfall is enabled by the same systems that allow us to automate detection — an effective use of machine learning that can quickly and accurately identify when business-critical data has been exposed.

See the diagram below to understand the coverage provided by Nightfall.

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