ChatGPT Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

  1. Contact Nightfall via your customer success manager or email if you would like to enable a trial.

  2. Create a ChatGPT-specific policy

    • Navigate to the newly designed policies tab (under detectors)

  3. Click the Nightfall Chrome Extension and sign in with a work email

    • Gmail or personal emails will not allow the extension

    • This login captures who is using ChatGPT and will be visible on the Nightfall violation

    • If you choose not to sign in, Nightfall will prompt you to sign in to continue using ChatGPT

The various login methods supported by Nightfall are as follows.

  • Google SSO: Google SSO is supported out of the box by Nightfall to log in to the ChatGPT extension. You are logged in automatically to the ChatGPT extension through Google SSO if you have already logged in to a Google account in any of the active browser tabs.

  • Azure Active Directory (AD): Microsoft AD is supported out of the box by Nightfall to log in to ChatGPT.

  • SAML-Based SSO: SAML SSO-based login requires additional configuration to be performed by Nightfall based on your identity provider. Please contact Nightfall to enable SAML-based login to the ChatGPT extension. Additionally, you must have administrator access on the identity provider being used.

  1. Navigate to ChatGPT and login to the app

  2. Ensure Nightfall DLP is on the bottom left corner, by the submit icon

  3. Try one of the demo prompts below

    • B2C Billing Use Case

      • Compose a polite email to a customer whose credit card number was declined. The customer's name is Tony Smith, and his Visa card number is 4716-3495-2472-4539. Please also verify if his card number is correct.

    • HR Use Case

      • Write a paragraph that I can use to verify the social security number for our new employee, Lisa Smith. I have 323-10-3335 as her SSN.

  4. A box will appear to indicate if you would like to submit the redacted or original text.

  5. Ensure that a violation has appeared

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