Remediation on Nightfall for Confluence

Learn how to remediate violations in Nightfall for Confluence

You can configure Nightfall DLP for Confluence to automate remediation actions. You can configure them within the Nightfall Policy.

Manual Actions

You can perform the following Remediation actions manually from the Violations dashboard:

  • Ignore

  • Acknowledge

  • Notify via Slack

  • Notify via Email

  • Redact

  • Delete

  • Send to Jira

Note: Nightfall recommends starting with manual remediation to start with. You can later enable automated actions from the policy to establish secure Confluence workflows. Refer Manual Actions here.

Automated Actions

  • Notify File Owner (via both Slack or email)

  • Redact findings directly within Confluence

  • Delete attachment (if the finding is alerting on a file attachment)

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