Integrating with Jira

Use this guide to understand how to integrate Nightfall for GitHub with Jira.

Integrating Nightfall for GitHub, with Jira, will allow you to automatically push Violations into Jira by creating tickets for triage and remediation management. Metadata from the Violation will be added to a new ticket in the Jira project, as an issue type that you specify when setting up the integration.

What you'll need:

  • Jira admin service account.

    • We strongly recommend using a service account for a few reasons:

      • If the user leaves your organization or modifies authentication (e.g. password change), you will need to re-connect or connect a new account.

      • The account that installs the integration will be the ‘reporter’ on all tickets created.

    • The service account should have admin access to ensure the appropriate permissions are assigned.

Here are the steps involved:

1) Install Jira from Nightfall Console by navigating to Settings -> Alert Platforms

2) Allow for ‘Nightfall for Jira’ to have access to the Atlassian Account - do this when logged in as your Jira service account.

3) In the console, click Github -> Violations in the left sidebar, click on any given Violation to send to Jira as an initial test, and select the option to ‘Send to Jira’ at the top right:

4) Please specify the Jira Project Key and the Issue Type that is desired in Jira:

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