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Getting Started

Learn how to get started with Nightfall DLP for Google Drive.
Please follow the link to below, to our main Nightfall website page, that includes access to the Walkthrough Demo Video for Google Drive: Note: The video is gated by a company email input prompt.


Make sure the following requirements are fulfilled before getting started with installing Nightfall for Google Drive.
  • A Super User that has the ability to manage domain wide delegation and add required scopes.
  • A service account to authenticate. This can be the same user as the Super User.


  • The Google Admin will log in and modify their Domain Wide Delegation under their API controls settings to add the scopes, and then they will authenticate within our Nightfall app.


To install the Nightfall App for Google Drive, please follow the steps outlined below:
Navigate to the Nightfall Console, and select Google Drive -> Policies. You will see an intro screen and a button to get started. Click ‘Get Started’.
In order to connect the Google account to Nightfall, you must grant Nightfall Google Workspace API access with domain-wide delegation. In order to do this, you must be a Google administrator.
Follow the steps outlined on the page within the G Suite admin console to add the required OAuth scopes to the presented Client ID.
Once complete, please sign in with your Google Account on the bottom of the screen to connect the account.