Installing Nightfall for Google Drive

This document explains the steps to install the Nightfall DLP for Google Drive. Nightfall recommends that you read the Requirements document for Google drive installation and then proceed with this document.

To install Nightfall for Google Drive:

  1. Log in to Nightfall.

  2. Click Google Drive under the MY INTEGRATIONS section (click Show more if you are unable to view Google Drive)

  3. Click Begin Setup

The access permission page is displayed as follows. Copy the client ID and Scopes ID generated.

  1. Login to your Google Workspace with an admin account.

  2. Click the menu icon.

  3. Select Admin.

  1. In the Admin console left pane, expand Security and then expand Access and data control.

  2. Click API controls.

  1. Click MANAGE DOMAIN WIDE DELEGATION under Domain wide delegation.

  1. Click Add New.

  1. Paste the Client ID copied from the Nightfall app, in the Client ID field.

  2. Paste the Scopes ID copied from the Nightfall app, under OAuth Scope field. Use comma to add multiple scope IDs.

  3. Click AUTHORIZE.

  1. Return to the Nightfall app and click Next Step.

  1. Click Connect.

Once the installation is completed, you can view the details of your Google Drive in the Nightfall app.

Once the installation is completed, Nightfall connects to your Google Workspace account and fetches all the domains. In the above image, you can see that 3 domains are fetched. These three domains were already present in your Google Workspace and are considered to be internal. You can add additional domains by clicking the ellipsis menu at the right end and selecting Manage Domains.

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