Getting Started

Nightfall DLP for Microsoft 365 (M365) offers a cloud-native data leak protection solution that monitors presence of sensitive data across the following M365 services - OneDrive for Business and MS Teams. While support for Exchange Online and SharePoint Online is curently not available, we hope to introduce support for these two remaining services soon.

Nightfall DLP for M365 provides a seamless approach to monitor User OneDrives, Teams Channels and Teams Chats. Nightfall DLP scans messages in Team channels / chats and scans files in user's OneDrives. Further, Nightfall also allows notifications to be sent to the Nightfall administrators and M365 users and enables them to take followup steps in allignment with the organization's requirements.

The following steps need to be completed to enable Nightfall DLP workflows for OneDrive for Business and MS Teams,

  1. Setup of directory sync, and

  2. Registration of the M365 endpoint with Nightfall

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