Nightfall DLP for Salesforce

Learn how to get started with Nightfall DLP for Salesforce.

When working within a Salesforce environment, you can add data in up to 2000 fields. This data moves between Salesforce and other applications, from headquarters to remote work zones, from your premises to cloud, from a trusted account to a lead. When you perform tasks like updating records via email, web, or by using APIs that integrate with Salesforce, you expose your data and make it vulnerable to misuse.

Data leaks can impact your business in many ways - revenue loss, customer satisfaction and damaged brand reputation, besides potential penalties and lawsuits.

Legacy DLP solutions don’t collect threat context information, and leave you blind to data movement between compromised user accounts and identities. Data leakage through compromised accounts appears genuine to such solutions.

Nightfall for Salesforce enables you to enforce policies for data classification and protection on standard objects, files and attachments. It scans objects and fields in real time in production or sandbox environments. You can instantly discover any theft or leakage, and take remedial action.

Nightfall for Salesforce supports the following Salesforce Sales Cloud editions across both production and sandbox instances:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud - Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer editions

  • Salesforce Service Cloud - Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer editions

  • Salesforce Health Cloud - Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer editions

  • Salesforce Experience or Community Cloud

You can install and authorize Nightfall DLP app package in Salesforce production environments.

Nightfall for Salesforce supports real-time scans and alerts for the following objects:

  • Accounts

  • Attachments

  • Case

  • Contacts

  • Contracts

  • Email messages

  • Feed Comments

  • Feed Item

  • Lead

  • Opportunity

  • Task

  • User

Note: Field types including standard and custom only are currently supported

Features like audit trails, which track who has accessed and modified data help in preventing accidental or unauthorized loss of sensitive data. Nightfall DLP for Salesforce eliminates data exposure risks from Salesforce by automating data security across all objects in your organization. It will enable you to be compliant with PCI DSS as well as GDPR and CCPA.

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