Can I Disable Detection in Private Channels or DMs?

Turn off the Nightfall bot in secure private communications

If you are a Nightfall Enterprise for Slack customer, Nightfall can automatically scan your entire Slack organization - including all public channels, private channels, and direct messages (DMs) in your workspace. You can make these selections in your policy configuration.

If you are a Nightfall Pro customer, Nightfall is not able to scan within private channels or DMs unless the Nightfall Pro bot is invited into those channels.

On Nightfall Enterprise for Slack, you may wish to exclude detection and monitoring for specific channels and conversations:

With the new features in the Slack Enterprise offering, you can now do this easily.

Upon Slack Policy creation, select which Slack channels or conversations you would like to Exclude from monitoring:

  • Within your Slack policy, enter the conversation ID of the channels or conversation you would like to exclude

  • To find a channel's conversation ID, right click the channel in Slack and copy link. The Conversation ID is at the end of the link, after the last forward slash.

For any questions, please reach out to and we will be happy to assist you.

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