Can I scan my historical content in Slack?

Check Slack for content posted before signing with Nightfall

Yes! If you are a Nightfall Enterprise for Slack customer (i.e. for Slack Enterprise plans), Nightfall is able to scan your historical slack messages and data in addition to providing real time coverage. Contact us at to request a historical scan.

The Nightfall bot for real time protection will temporarily be turned off while your historical scan is running. Any missed detections will appear in your historical scan’s output, since the bot is scanning historically and will eventually “catch up” to the present time. Because of this, Nightfall recommends scheduling historical scans to run over weekends or other periods of low Slack usage to avoid gaps in coverage. We also recommend disabling all automated workflows (i.e. Notify, Delete, Quarantine) prior to starting a historical scan to avoid an overload of alerts. Nightfall can assist in this process.

Historical scan results are available in CSV formats. If you would like a CSV file of your findings, please feel free to reach out to Nightfall Support at and we will be happy to assist.

Unfortunately Nightfall is unable to provide historical scans for non-Enterprise Slack plans because this functionality requires Slack’s Discovery API.

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