Installing Nightfall for Zendesk

Learn the installation steps that apply for all versions of Nightfall for Zendesk

First-time setup: Adding your first Zendesk instance

1. Click Begin Setup to start the simple installation flow via Nightfall

  1. Nightfall for Zendesk supports both sandbox and production instances. Please select the one applicable to your setup. In this example, we will be onboarding a production instance.

  2. Click Continue once you select your instance type.

  3. Type in your Zendesk subdomain or Instance name in the text field. In this example, we added nightfall3968. Select Connect to Zendesk when completed. This will navigate to the Zendesk sign-in page where we recommend the service account with full admin privileges is used.

  4. Select Switch to agent sign-in (if applicable), then proceed to add the email and password associated with either a service account (Recommended) or a user account that has full Zendesk admin privileges.

  5. You will be navigated to an authentication page with more information on how Nightfall and Zendesk will establish a secure connection. Please click Allow to continue

  6. Once you select Allow, you will be navigated back to Nightfall and be prompted to install the Nightfall DLP Zendesk Marketplace app.

    • Note: Authentication and App installation for Zendesk are two independent steps. Both need to be completed for the setup to be complete.

  7. If you have already installed the app via the Zendesk Marketplace, you can go directly to Step 9. Click Install. In a new tab, you will be prompted to install the Nightfall DLP Zendesk marketplace app via the Zendesk Admin console.

    • Optional: Add Role or Group restrictions which will limit who can remove or add the applications from Zendesk.

  8. Congratulations 🎉 You now have a fully set up instance of Zendesk connected with Nightfall!

  1. In Settings, ensure the Status and App Installed are 'Authorized' and 'Yes' with a green highlight. If a Zendesk instance becomes disconnected, you can use this settings page to monitor and reconfigure any connections as needed.

Adding additional Zendesk instances

  1. If you would like to add another instance of Zendesk, Click + Add Instance and repeat steps 1-10 above.

If you have any questions about the installation process, please email us at

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