Make sure the following requirements are fulfilled before you get started.

Prior to setting up Zendesk, please make sure to have the following:

  • One or multiple active Zendesk instances.

  • Any of the following Zendesk Licenses: Team, Growth, Professional, Enterprise, or Enterprise Plus.

  • A Zendesk service account with full admin permissions for Zendesk.

    • Verify the service account has the ability to install Zendesk support apps.

  • A Nightfall admin account to complete the setup process.


The user, with the Zendesk service account, will log into the Nightfall app to establish the OAuth connection between Nightfall and Zendesk.

  1. Start by logging in to the Nightfall console at

  2. Once logged in, please navigate to the Zendesk option, on the left-hand side of the console.

  3. Follow the 'Installing Nightfall for Zendesk' guide to complete the setup.

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