Sending Alerts to Microsoft Teams

Guide to integrating Nightfall to send alerts to Microsoft Teams using email.
Integrating your Nightfall alerts to Microsoft Teams for Slack/Jira/GDrive/Confluence can be done using the following the steps:
  1. 1.
    Log in to your Microsoft Teams account and create a new channel called "Nightfall Alerts". You can also use your existing channel to send your alerts to it. Click on the three dots next to the channel name, "More options"
Snippet when you hover over the three dots (More options)
2. Select "Get email address" in more options.
This is a snippet when you click on the three dots next to Channel name In Teams
3. Copy the email address shown in the pop-up:
Snippet which shows email address of a Teams Channel
4. Log in to your Nightfall account, click on the integration you want to integrate with. In this example, I have selected "Jira":
Snippet of Jira integration in Nightfall's UI
5. Click on "Settings" and in the "Email alert" textbox, enter the Microsoft Teams email address from Step 3 and Save it.
Snippet shows the textbox where you can send your alerts to
Once a policy is violated, you should an receive alert in your Teams channel:
Snippet in MS Teams of a violation (Credentials & Secrets), API key was detected by Nightfall
You can also take remediation actions like "Redact Findings" or delete (in case of attachment) through Microsoft Teams. For any issues or questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected].