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Running Historical Scans

Nightfall can fully manage historical scan executions on your behalf to scan data in your SaaS applications. Due to the sheer volume of content that can amass in cloud apps over time, historical scans can be very resource-intensive, and may take days or more to process. As such, we advise against running broad historical scans all at once.
Instead, we recommend that you prioritize certain detectors based on your organization’s definition of critical violations and limit the scan to a specific date range (e.g. one month at a time). Then, you can request the Nightfall team ([email protected] or contact your customer success representative) to run a historical scan on a SaaS application of interest.
Upon completion of the historical scan, Nightfall will share a risk assessment report with an overview of the highest severity findings, highest risk files or resources, users with most number of violations, total amount of data scanned, and more.