Customizing Your Settings
The Settings page contains information about your account and also provides an interface for you to manage preferences around email notifications, org structure, and accessibility to scan results.

General Settings

The basic information that is listed in this section includes your account email, GitHub nickname, API Key, scan limit (if applicable), and Webhook URL.
NOTE: Remember to always keep your Radar API Key secret.
When changing your Webhook URL, be sure to select the blue 'Save' option when you are finished or the information will not be stored. You can read more about what is sent to that Webhook in the Radar API Reference.


In the Preferences section of your Settings page, there is a drop-down menu where you can choose when you receive email notifications regarding your active scans.
Make sure that you select the blue "Save" option when making any changes to ensure they take effect.

Organization Settings

In Organization Settings, you can view the list of members in your organization. If you are the account Admin, you have the ability to manage scan-sharing across these members. Nightfall currently supports two options for scan-sharing: 1) sharing ALL scans across ALL members of the organization, or 2) NOT sharing any scans with any members beyond the initiating user.
NOTE: Custom sharing on a per scan or per user basis is not currently supported
Remember to select the blue "Save" option when making any changes to ensure they take effect.