Getting Started

A walk though of how to install Nightfall's DLP solution for Salesforce.
Nightfall's Salesforce integration allows you to scan objects and fields in real-time across sandbox and production organizations in Salesforce. This getting started guide will walk you through installing and upgrading the components of the solution.

Pre-requisites for Installing

You must ensure the following prerequisites are met with before planning to install Nightfall DLP for Salesforce.

Within Salesforce

Nightfall DLP for Salesforce supports the following Salesforce Sales Cloud editions across both production and sandbox instances:
  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited
  • Developer
Salesforce service cloud or other vertical cloud offerings are not supported as of today.
You can install and authorize Nightfall DLP app package in Salesforce production environments.

Within Nightfall

You cannot view Salesforce DLP policy violations within the Nightfall dashboard and violations monitoring page.
You can solve this using Slack or Email alerts.