An overview of the protection the Nightfall integration with Sales Force can provide.
Exposing sensitive data that is kept in Salesforce could lead to severe financial and legal consequences, with fines of $5,000–$100,000 per month, 4% of annual revenues or $20 million until the company achieves compliance.
The average Salesforce production org has over 2,000 fields with sensitive data and the vast majority (>80%) of sensitive data that has been exposed remains exposed and available for misuse.
Various workflows update data in Salesforce. Sales reps update records, cases are updated by email, the web, or APIs and automation moves data between Salesforce and a variety of 3rd party integrations. However, Infosec has no visibility of sensitive data in Salesforce. There are disparate tools for production and sandbox data and there is no ability to enforce standard policies to scan orgs for sensitive data.
You can use Nightfall DLP to scan objects and fields in real-time across sandbox and production organizations in Salesforce. With the instantaneous discovery of sensitive data sprawl within your Salesforce environment, Nightfall also enables you to take instantaneous remediation actions to eliminate all data security risks. You can also use its findings to coach users on acceptable use of sensitive data.
Nightfall DLP for Salesforce supports real-time scans and alerts for the following objects:
  • Accounts
  • Case
  • Task
  • Feed Comments
  • Feed Items
  • Attachments
  • Email Messages
Nightfall DLP for Salesforce allows you to eliminate data exposure risks from Salesforce by automating data security across any objects in any organization. It will aid you in becoming compliant with PCI DSS as well as GDPR and CCPA. Moreover it provides peace of mind for CRM and Security teams with lower administrative costs.