Can we customize the alert messages sent in Slack?
Learn how to customize the alert messages sent in Slack alerts
Note: This feature has not been released in GA, as of yet. If you would like to have the feature turned on for your account, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or to [email protected] You now have the ability customize notifications sent as part of Slack alerts. Previously, Slack alerts carried the same template notification, which can be seen below:
Initial Template of Alert Notification
Now, you are able to edit the template. This can be done by navigating to the Nightfall console, and then to the Settings tab within the Slack integration. It should look like this below:
Updated Settings screen with option to 'Customize end-user notifications'
Once you have created your new notification, select 'Save changes' and it will then go into effect, starting from the next alert seen. Please see the updated alert notification message below:
New Alert template, referencing company specific security policy
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