Product Updates

A change log of updates to Nightfall.

November 2022

New Detectors

Nightfall has released new specialized file related detectors.
File Fingerprint - File fingerprint detection creates a unique hash of the sensitive files that allows you to receive alerts and discover where they are located or shared.
File Type - Receive alerts when certain file types (such as audio or video) are discovered so you can adhere to compliance policies that prohibit certain file types from being shared on particular applications or storage locations. These file types will be detected regardless of file extension.
File Name - You can now scan for sensitive data in file names as well as file content for sensitive data by setting the “scope” of detection on your Detectors. Use regular expressions to match either file extensions or the file name.

New Remediation Option: Disabling Download in Google Drive

A new remediation option is available for violations detected in Google Drive. Administrators may choose to disable download of the offending file through the violations console. Click on the “More Options” ellipsis (...) button next to a violation to access this option.

HTTP Header Support in Webhooks

You can now provide custom HTTP headers to alerts sent to webhooks. These headers may be used to support systems collecting SIEM data that do not allow for query string authentication as well as other purposes such as routing.
These headers may be set at the same location as you define your webhook URL. Click the "+ Webhook" button when defining a policy.

August 2022

Salesforce DLP

Salesforce data security and compliance is now generally available to all customers. Scan objects and fields in real-time and take remediation actions from Slack, email alerts or the Nightfall console to eliminate data exposure risks.
Learn more about Nightfall For Salesforce

August 2022


Customers can now navigate directly to the Dashboard → Generate Reports to get access to four independent reports:
  1. 1.
    Policy violations report - Aggregation of violations along with distribution by confidence thresholds and status by the policy.
  2. 2.
    Highest risk users report - Aggregation of violations along with distribution by confidence thresholds and status by each user.
  3. 3.
    Total data scanned report - Summary of total data and items scanned per integration.
  4. 4.
    Sensitive data exposure report - Summary of policy violations with location (Slack channel, Shared drive etc) and sub-location (channel type etc) information.

July 2022

Nightfall for Confluence - Remediation
You can now set up remediation actions to be taken from your Confluence policies. Alerts can be used to trigger manual or automated actions.

June 2022

Nightfall for Salesforce

You can use Nightfall to scan sandbox and production organizations in Salesforce in real-time.
Nightfall also allows you to take instantaneous remediation actions to eliminate all data security risks within your Salesforce environment.
See our Nightfall Salesforce Guide for more information.

May 2022

Nightfall Console: Dashboard and Violations Monitoring Enhancements

The new Violations UI in the console now displays real-time visualizations that show:
  • Total violations with the distribution of active and resolved violations
  • Distribution of violations across all integrations with the ability filter to a specific integration
  • Distribution of violations across detectors and policies
  • Highest risk users with a flexibility to filter by integration, likelihood, and detector
The new Violations UI

Nightfall for Confluence: Real-time Scanning [Beta]

Scan all changes in your Confluence environment in real-time and receive immediate alerts on any violations. The update includes user interface enhancements that simplify the configuration.

Nightfall for Jira: Remediation [ Beta ]

Take automatic or manual remediation actions in Jira including:
  • Notifying the file owner
  • Redacting sensitive findings
  • Deleting attachments
For more information, see our Jira Remediation Guide

January 2022

Nightfall for Slack, GDrive, Jira: Custom Notifications in Alerts

You are now able to send custom notifications as part of Slack, Google Drive, and Jira alerts!
  • Reference your internal security policy
  • Direct end users to helpful security resources from and alert notification

November 2021

Nightfall for Slack: Message Redaction
Nightfall Slack Enterprise are now able to use redaction as a remediation action for messages.

June 2021

Native Integrations: Alerting Enhancement

View findings snippets within all alerts from Nightfall's native integrations.
  • Easily locate findings in long documents or spreadsheets with many tabs
  • Make judgements at a glance about a violation’s severity

Nightfall for Jira

Real time scanning for Jira is now in Beta.
  • Scan for all changes in Jira and receive immediate alerts for any violations.
  • New policy flexibility allows for multiple alert triggers per Jira Project

August 2021

Nightfall for Slack: Revamped Integration

Nightfall’s revamped Slack Integration is now in GA, featuring:
  • Enhanced policy flexibility
  • More context in end user alerts Updated UI

September 2021

Nightfall for GDrive: Remediation Actions
Nightfall has added remediation actions to violation alerts for GDrive, so you can fix the issue with a click.