Content Preview

Make accurate assessment of risk by viewing richer context around redacted snippets.
You can expand a violation to view more information on the violation. The preview provides you with:
  • Extensive before and after context
  • Detection Details
  • Original content metadata
Nightfall’s user interface offers a preview for each violation so you can quickly understand the intensity of the violation and assess the risk. The content preview also helps you in identifying false positives that can cause inconvenience.
To preview a violation,
  1. 1.
    Click anywhere on the violation except the App icon (clicking the integration icon will invoke a new instance of the respective app). A preview of the violation displays.
The preview offers critical information relating to the violation. The preview changes depending on the finding and the integration where the finding occurs.
In the preview, you can view:
  • A snippet that includes up to 100 characters before the violation context, and up to 100 characters after the context. This should help you assess the risk involved with the violation more efficiently.
  • The top three findings for each Detector within the violation. Click a Detector to navigate to the preview of the findings for the selected detector. The findings are unredacted, and provide a comprehensive view.
  • You can also view the violation metadata that provides more in-app context of the violation. This will enable you to understand the exposure and to assess the risk;
    • Whether the violation occurred in a public or private channel
    • How many users have access to the content
The metadata differs based on the app you are monitoring. It typically includes:
  • File name
  • File type
  • File link
  1. 2.
    To view the violation alert within the integration application, click the respective application icon, or click the ‘View in [application]’ link. For example, click Jira icon or click ‘View in Jira’ to invoke the Jira application in a new browser instance.
  2. 3.
    Click Download Original Content, to download the file associated with the violation.
Note: You can also configure policy violation notifications as alerts in email, Slack or mobile alerts.