Requirements for Nightfall DLP for Slack Enterprise

Ensure the following requirements are fulfilled before you get started.

  • You must enable the Slack Discovery API before getting started with Nightfall. You can confirm or request this by writing to Slack at

  • A service account with appropriate Slack permissions is required.

    • For Slack Enterprise Grid plans, an Org Owner is required and must be a member of at least one of the workspaces. Org Primary Owner is not required.

    • For Slack Enterprise Select plans, a Workspace Owner is required. Workspace Primary Owner is not required.

  • The Channel Management permission for “People who can create Private channels” must be set to “Everyone, plus Multi-Channel Guests (default)”. See this article for instructions on how to check and set this permission. Once you have completed the installation, you can revert the permission to its original setting.

  • While not a requirement for installation, in order for Nightfall to scan edits in direct messages, Slack’s Retention Policy must be set to “Keep all messages, including revision history.” Please review this article for information on configuring this policy.

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