Change Link Settings

There are two options for remediation of Google Drive files with violations:

1. File Sharing Permissions

Controlling the file sharing permissions is the first step for Google Drive file remediation. You should first attempt to understand where this file has already been shared. From here, the goal is to restrict the file sharing as much as possible, especially externally. Following the workflow below is recommended, and should provide insight into the steps needed to ensure full remediation.

2. Shared Link Settings

The next step is control the sharing settings of the link. For Google Drive files, there are three options for link sharing settings - Restricted, Anyone in the organization with the link, or Anyone with the link.

The goal for remediation in this case, will be to first understand whether or not this file can be shared publicly, or can be shared to the level that it has been. The general rule of thumb to follow is that if the file link sharing setting can be restricted, then it should be restricted.

You can change the link settings to a drive or file so it is not accessible anymore

To change link settings,

  1. Click the ellipsis on the right of the finding. A set of task options display in the menu.

  2. Click Change Link Settings. Select the restriction and click Change.

  3. Nightfall processes the action by changing the link settings to the drive or file that contains sensitive information, and the status is set to Link Settings changed.

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