Violation Actions

The Violation page allows you to perform the following actions on Violations. To learn more about how to apply actions, view the Understanding Nightfall's Actions document.


This action moves the violation to the Ignored tab. For Google Drive, you can choose to Ignore multiple existing Violations or future violations simultaneously. To learn more about the Ignore all feature in Google Drive, see Managing Google Drive Violations (step 5).


Acknowledge action sends an email alert about the policy violation to the email account associated with your login.


This action allows you to notify end users about the violation. The notification can be via Slack, Email

Send to JIRA

This action allows you to send select a JIRA project and create a ticket for this violation.


This action redacts the sensitive data found.


This action temporarily moves files or sensitive data from the original place in which it was discovered to a quarantined Nightfall space for further review. You can restore the quarantined items or permanently remove them by approving or rejecting them through Nightfall alerts.

This action modifies the link setting to anyone signed in to an account in your organization to use the link to your file.

Disable Download

This action applies to Google Drive integration and disables download, print, and copy actions for Commenter and Viewer roles. Editor roles will retain all actions.

Delete Attachment

This action deletes the attachment with sensitive tokens in a ticket comment (public replies and internal notes). You cannot revert this action.

Mark as Private

This action modifies the permissions of a ticket comment from a public reply to an internal note. Converting to an internal note means the ticket comment will no longer be visible to the end user. This action is permanent.

Remove Access

This action removes the page from the web and/or removes guest access to the page. This action is active when it applies to the page at the time of the violation

Notify GitHub

This action is specific to the GitHub integration and sends a notification to GitHub about the violation.


This action marks the violation as resolved. You can revert this action.

Action Supported for Integration

The following table displays the list of all the integrations and the Nightfall actions supported for the integration.

Integration nameAvailable Actions


Ignore Acknowledge Notify Slack Notify Email Send to JIRA Redact Delete Resolve

Google Drive

Ignore Acknowledge Notify Slack Notify Email Send to JIRA Change Link Settings Disable Download Resolve


Ignore Acknowledge Notify Slack Notify Email Send to JIRA Redact Delete Resolve


Ignore Notify Send to JIRA

Quarantine Redact Delete Resolve


Ignore Acknowledge Send to JIRA Redact Delete Resolve


Ignore Acknowledge Send to JIRA Redact

Mark as Private

Delete Attachment

Notify Slack

Notify Email Resolve


Ignore Resolve


Send to JIRA Acknowledge Ignore Notify GitHub Notify Email Resolve


Send to JIRA Ignore Acknowledge Notify Slack Notify Email

Remove Access

Delete Attachment Redact Resolve

MS Teams

Ignore Acknowledge Notify Email Resolve

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