Configure Block Rule

The block rule blocks emails that contain sensitive information. Some of the initial configuration steps are the same as in the case of the Scan rule.


You must configure this rule only if you wish to use the Block automated action.

  1. Execute steps 1-13 of the Configure Scan Rule. If you are already on the Compliance page of the Google Workspace, execute steps 7-13 of the Configure Scan Rule.

  2. In the Match type drop-down menu, select Contains text.

  1. In the Content field enter x-nightfall-block. Nightfall updates the headers for all emails that need to be blocked with “x-nightfall-block”, once they are processed and before they are routed back to Gmail. This enables Gmail to block the emails with this header and these are not delivered to the recipient.

  2. Click SAVE.

You can now see that a condition expression is added for the block as well.

When an email is blocked, you must notify the sender about the same. The following steps must be configured to notify the sender about the blocked email.

  1. In stage 3, select Reject message.

  1. (Optional) Enter an optional message to the sender. This message is included in the body of the email.

  2. Click SAVE.

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