Finding Snippets in Alerts

Learn more about how Nightfall shows finding snippets in alerts for all Native Integrations
You are now able to view finding snippets within all alerts from Nightfall's native integrations!
Previously, it was difficult to locate findings in files or messages, especially for long documents or spreadsheets with many tabs. Snippets will now allow users to easily locate and remediate the finding by searching for the provided context with Ctrl-F. Snippets will also allow users to make a quick judgement on the severity of the violation just by glancing at the alert.

Text Snippets

See a sample alert including message snippets for Jira
Users will see a finding snippet for each violation in the Slack/email/webhook alert. Finding snippets will contain the redacted finding and 20 characters of context before and after the finding. Nightfall will show snippets for raw text and for all files except images (note PDFs are not considered an image). If a violation has more than 5 snippets, we will only show the first 5.
See a sample alert, including file snippet, for Google Drive

Spreadsheet/File Snippets

For spreadsheets, you are now also able to see the specific tab and cell that triggered the violation. This will make alert management and the remediation process simpler, especially for locating findings in longer and harder-to-peruse spreadsheets. Please review an example alert below, which includes the associated tabs and cells of a spreadsheet that includes sensitive information.
See a Jira violation that triggered on a spreadsheet, where the finding snippet includes the associated Sheet tab and cell information
Note: The Slack integration already has finding snippets for raw text. This release adds finding snippets for files in Slack, and for raw text and files in the other integrations.
Note: We are not able to show more than 5 snippets in an alert because of alert length limitations