Nightfall for Slack v2.0
Upcoming features in the newest version of Slack
GA date: 8/16 - This is now in GA!
Nightfall is revamping our Slack integration to make it even more user friendly and accommodating for your organization’s unique needs.
In this article, we'll cover:
  • Enhanced policy flexibility
    • Multiple detection rules per policy
    • Granular control over where policies apply
  • Additional enhancements
    • More context in end user alerts
    • Updated UI
  • Important notes about this release

Enhanced policy flexibility

We’ve added greater flexibility to Slack detection policies. This provides more granular control over your Slack DLP policies so you can focus your efforts and reduce noise. New features include:

Multiple detection rules per policy.

Combine multiple detection rules into a policy for Slack. This enables you to maintain a more granular set of detection rules at the platform level, and choose from them as needed for Slack - you no longer need to maintain a separate Slack detection rule. Detection Rules support logical operators and can be linked together for advanced detection logic (e.g. for PHI detection).

Enforce policies within designated workspaces, channels, or DMs in Slack.

Users can now apply policies based on location within Slack - for example, you can apply different policies to public vs. private channels. New functionality depends on which Nightfall for Slack product you have (see below).
New features in Nightfall Pro for Slack:
  • Apply policies based on channel type (public vs. private). (Coming soon - apply this feature to Slack Connect channels.)
New features in Nightfall Enterprise for Slack:
  • Apply policies based on message or channel type (public channel vs. private channel vs. direct messages). (Coming soon - apply this feature to Slack Connect channels and messages.)
  • Apply policies to all or select Channels and Workspaces.
  • Select channels to include or exclude.

Additional enhancements

We’ve also made a few other enhancements in this new version of Slack.

More context in end user alerts.

The end user alert now shows which detector was triggered, to improve insight and education for the end user.

Updated the Slack integration UI for consistency.

Instead of three separate sections in the left navigation pane (Settings, Workflows, Analytics), there is now just one section for Slack. When you navigate to that section, you’ll find one page with separate tabs to manage Settings and Policies. This update makes our Slack integration consistent with other integrations and makes it easier to use.

Important notes

There are a few important things to note about this release.
  • This release is a new version of the Nightfall for Slack product. Existing detection rules and policies will persist.
  • Upon GA, there will be a period of time when you will be able to opt out of migrating to the new product.
  • The new Nightfall for Slack product does not yet include a built-in Analytics Dashboard. However, the new product does include webhook alerts and weekly analytics emails.